Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Salisbury Breads and Wedding Cakes For You

 A Great Combination

Last summer I was invited at the last minute to a girlfriends 50th birthday celebration. Naturally I told them I would bring a cake for this very special occasion. I literally threw together whatever I could find in my freezer.Thank goodness I almost always have spare cakes waiting to be used for emergencies like this.

The cake ended up being a combination of chocolate, and vanilla layers with strawberry buttercream and chocolate mousse. Sort of like the Neapolitan ice cream we used to eat as kids.

We sang the happy birthday song and everyone ooohd and ahhhd, Gloria and I cut the cake and passed all the pieces around. Thank god it was delicious because her brother Bruce, a very high end chef, was in attendance. I had forgotten that her brother was a chef. He was was very, very quiet until he tasted the cake. Suddenly he came alive and started asking me about my recipes. Turns out he was searching for some one like me to come along with a decent cake. LOL He apparently had tasted quite a few in his search.

Long story short I have since made a few cakes for his events and they were well received. So well in fact that Bruce Young and his partner in business Pete Hathaway asked me to partner with them with my cakes. I am very proud to announce that I will be baking and decorating the cakes for them for all of their upcoming events. Check out their website and click on the CAKES Icon at the top.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cake Decorating Contest To Benefit Icing Smiles

 Cake Is Happiness

Especially for a child with a serious illness. Everyone and anyone who has a photo of a cake you baked and decorated can help to make it possible for Icing Smiles to keep delivering special cakes to special kids and their families. For a small donation / entry fee and a story to go with your picture you can join in. Check out the details and GREAT prizes too for two winners at the end of the 30 day contest form our wonderful and generous sponsors.

Hi this is Lorelie from Wedding Cakes For You website,

Wedding Cakes For You is hosting a fundraiser to benefit Icing Smiles at the website. Wouldn't it be great to know that your cake pictures, stories and a small donation helped to bring joy to a child suffering with a critical illness? Please join in by adding one of your beautiful cakes and sharing a fun story, a recipe, tip or cake decorating technique.

 The donation/entry is $10.00 but you can donate more if you like. Details are at the website.Please let others know about this important fundraiser to benefit a GREAT organization. I appreciate your help in making this a success and so does icing Smiles and all of the kids that they bring smiles to. 

The contest is open to all occasion cakes as well as wedding cakes and there are great prizes too. Starts November 1 2013 ends November 30 2013. 

Hurry Contest starts on Friday. People are entering as I write this! The sooner you get your cakes up the better. Go to the site, check out Icing Smiles if you have not heard of them before and then SHARE! Thank You Very Much :-)
 ~Lorelie Carvey~

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Apple hobo pie recipe

Love this easy and really yummy hot pie over the campfrie. Its a GREAT fall fun activity.
The recipe is on the video. Enjoy!!!!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Square Wedding Cake Surprise Wins The Contest

I love it when a guy makes a wedding cake. Especially this guy Ray. He's a truck driver by trade but when his son said he was getting married, he went all out. 

The wedding cake contest at my website has started. In fact it started last month again after a little time off. It's somewhat of a slow start this time but I'm sure the pace will pick up as it did last year. After a 12 month contest a grand prize is given to the winner. Cake Stackers sponsors this contest with a monthly prize and  grand prize (their fondant mat)  Each month a winner is chosen not only by the picture and design, but also by the story that goes with it.

A Slightly Different View of this Massive Cake 

The story is a very important part of the entries. They need to be either fun and entertaining or contain helpful tips, cake decorating techniques or a recipe. Rays cake is so unique that he was chosen as the September winner. Here is the link if you would like to read his Square Wedding Cake Surprise story and get an idea as to how Ray made the cake and the gorgeous wedding cake stand.

Congratulations to Ray for an outstanding job.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Aloha From Georgia

NEW  Featured Cake Decorator at Wedding Cakes For You

Aloha from Georgia!!! Sarah Scott makes Cakes and Cupcakes from her home in Georgia. She is one of those very creative self taught decoartors and has her own unique style. Sarah started coming to the website a few years ago and entered a cake decorating contest with her 4th of July cake.

She Won First Place!!!


Because of her helpfullness to others and her talents I wanted to feature Sarah of Aloha Cakes and Cupcakes. Cake decorating is a family affair for Sarah, and her kids love to participate.  You can read her full story on how she started a business doing something that she loves at this link.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Small Wedding Cake With Fresh Flowers

Ok so a small wedding cake and a birthday cake. WE celebrated my son Chads 26th birthday today! and my son Johnathon's recent marriage.This is Chad! Probably his first experience with cake. He spent many hours in the kitchen with mom as she baked and decorated over the years from home.

 Chad Then

Chad Now

So this is Chad now, basically a rock star! He received a new guitar today as a gift from his dad. So many cakes in between. Chocolate being his fave, I made the classic buttermilk chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling.

The Small Wedding Cake With Fresh Flowers 

Simple yet elegant, this little mini cake was a sampler for my son Johnathon and his new wife Alexa. They were married by the justice of the peace recently. The wedding party will be held in January. The cake is a coconut cake with fresh pineapple custard filling and butter cream frosting. 

The newlyweds are very earthy and I wanted to keep the cake very simple with fresh flowers. So my garden Hydrangeas and Mums were perfect for the occasion. The goblets were perfect for the champagne toast because they sort of have a Renaissance feeling to them and that is a theme that they have been considering for the party. Everyone LOVED the cakes. It was a wonderful family get together.

See more easy ways to decorate a wedding cake with fresh flowers.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

All Sweet Occasions

Truly Talented

All Sweet Occasions is the name of Matthew's business in Newtown CT. which happens to be a short drive from my home. I paid a visit today to taste some of Matt's goodies. WOW!!! You can see my full review at the wedding-cakes-for-you website on his premium All Sweet Occasions business listing page.

 Hand crafted chocolates are one of  the many delicacies offered by All Sweet Occasions

Matthew Kirshner, is truly talented. 
With The Russian Tea Room and The Essex House Hotel in New York City on his list of experiences, and his decade of practicing the art of bread and pastry making, Matt is well on his way to a very successful business and career.

Wedding cakes can also be designed and delivered through Matthews business, he has a personal cake decorator on staff.

If you have a business that you want to get noticed, contact me or go to the cake decorating business directory page where you can purchase a full page premium listing for a VERY reasonable rate. I'm talking cheap, but for a limited time only. It includes a free custom video, ads free page and a comment section where your customers can leave their testimonials and rate your business, plus more.....

Happy Baking and Cake Decorating!