Monday, January 13, 2014

Buttercream Daisies

Buttercream Daisies are pretty simple to make. all you need is a rose tip/ I use #104 Wilton brand, a piping bag, coupler and a batch of buttercream. You will want a firm icing for these so they hold there shape. You will see how to add depth to an arrangement of flowers by making a base of icing, and then piping over it.

I would like to credit Roland Winebeckler for these, he is an amazing buttercream artist. His book Buttercream Flowers and Arrangements is my all time favorite for learning how to make interesting and fairly realistic looking flowers. His are much better than mine. LOL

These daisies would be a nice accompaniment to Roses, Violiets, Dahlias or Black Eyed Susans. I sometimes add little snippets of fresh greenery around my cake decorating flowers, if they are available. You could make a sweet valentines Day cake using Daisies too. Have fun, give this a try, and add these these pretty little blossoms to your repertoire. Here is a link to the recipe I use for these.