Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Surfer Celebrity Cake?

I had the pleasure today of delivering two cakes to a special dinner party hosted by Joan Rivers. The surfer cake is for her grandson Cooper and the other cake (not shown) is for a friend. To me the choice was clear between a Lacrosse or a surfer theme cake. The show stopper had to be the surfing cake.
Although the cake looks simple enough it was quite the contrary. I always underestimate the amount of work involved with these types of cakes. In the long run the little surfer guy on top saved the day! The flavor was chocolate with chocolate ganache filling. Nice and solid. The wave was a two layered 6 inch cake turned sideways and shaped into the wave shape. The buttercream on the wave was super easy to do, just swirl the white and blue together and plop it on.
The gumpaste decorations were made a day in advance and shaped using two round objects and then trimmed down to the sizes I needed.
The bottom tier was originally going to be blue fondant but the fondant was not working for me. :-( buttercream actually worked very well with this design anyway. The gumpaste waves were added right before delivering the cake, and little round buttercream bubbles were the final embellishment along with the brown sugar for sand around the bottom. Here is a photo of the whole cake finished.
And another slightly different angle
The ride to Joan Rivers house inn New Preston CT was not fun. Those of you who know about delivering cakes know too well how not fun it is LOL. But the cake made it in one piece and the chef said it was exactly what he had hope I would do and that they would be blown away. Yey!!! I hope it makes the cut of the reality show that they are filming tonight.