Friday, August 16, 2013

Frosting Flowers

Frosting Flowers

The latest wedding cake I made was an old fashioned buttercream cake with frosting flowers. Mainly buttercream roses. So it was the perfect time to make a NEW video on piping the classic flower.

 I love making videos and cake decorating sharing techniques with everyone. But it is quite a challenge to do this on your own with no videographer, so bear with me in the video as I sometimes move out of range.You can see more at the website about making buttercream flowers. Here is the link to the brand new frosting flowers page.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Old Fashioned Buttercream Wedding Cake

Buttercream Makes a Comeback

Buttercream frsoting is still a great way to decorate a wedding cake. It's been a while since even I have done an old fashioned all buttercream wedding cake. 

This cake was another small wedding cake. Lately those are the orders I have been getting. The good news is that they are all going to very high end Litchefield County. The prices are naturally higher there and the brides expect a higher price. In fact they may even be frightened away by a cheaply priced cake. 

The cake itself was an almond butter cake. For now you can find the recipe at the website on the White wedding cake recipe page.

The cake is filled and frosted with White chocolate buttercream. A brand new page at the website. Link to it from the filling and the frosting pages.

Happy Baking and Cake Decorating Everyone!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Small Wedding Cake Big On Flavor

A Small Wedding Cake Big on Flavor

This little wedding cake was bursting with flavor. The chocolate buttermilk cake from the my website is tried and true. For almost 30 years it has never failed me. Its super easy too, just dump all the ingredients into a mixer and mix. Nothing fancy. The filling was the luscious white chocolate buttercream and nestled within were raspberries. (you can use fresh or individually frozen fruit.)

The wedding reception took place at the beautiful and colorful Ragamont House in Salisbury CT.  The proprietor of the Ragamont , Peter, has decorated the interior with huge splashes of color and eclectic paintings, statues and curiosities. It's really quite beautiful and there is always something new to see at every turn. 

The bride and groom decided on a small cutting cake and a large cake in the kitchen for serving to the guests.  Dotted Swiss is a fairly easy design to replicate, although the frosting has to be pretty perfectly smooth and the dots even. 

See more and get the chocolate cake recipe for this cake.

Happy Cake Decorating !!!